Moving On?


Losing a loved one

is no dought depressing

All the while you've known them

they've been a blessing

At first it may seem all that lies in store

is the unbearable pain of bearing them no more

But think for a moment if we would be selfish 

for desiring their presence with insufferable anguish

Heartless machines pumping blood for them

on death bearing beds upon which doctors force them

They're clinging to life by no more than a thread

and might even possibly wish they were dead

Coping with afflictions never again will they thrive

All so we can continue to see them alive

But death is a paradox which so many fear

A direction in which we'll inevitably steer

This loved one that's suffering cant possibly know

The relief that the reaper has to show

So when death claims their life take solace in this

They've finally achieved that painless bliss

They're better now that they've finished the race 

At last they've reached a better place

So is it selfish to want them back

Or does sadness speak when their vision goes black

Life is a gift that doesnt keep giving

For dancing with death isnt truly living



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