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One day I won't always be there to dust you off after you run through the dust bowl
But please dont ever stop trying
You are worth more than the far off galaxies
You are worth more than the granite rivers running through the District of Columbia
You are worth more
Than you realize
The words that form around your name are harsh
But the rays of fluorescent sunlight
Outshine them
And you outshine them
You move me to run through rivers of sound
To beat my way out of the eggshell
To embrace the people who are fighting so hard to fall in love with me
With my mind
With my soul
With the passion running through my purple veins
They say this world is made of sugar
With every heart break
Comes a sink hole
Human beings are made of plastic
There are instances in the human life
That happen with such severity
Bends and folds
But yet
Durable for years to come
Sooner or later
All that is left of this planet will be magma
Too hot to let run through your fingers
There will be that one person
That one person who cannot bear
To not see the sunrise and sunset
Whenever they please
Singeing finger tips
Turn to melted arms
Unidentified faces
And broken hearts
The cycle will never end
Use the pain in your head
Commit artistic suicide
Let the medium take you to another place
Paint the essence of the human mind
Don't allow it to consume you
This isn't the end of your novel
You're just getting started

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