Mountainwater Dr

I remember the house on Sycamore.

How it sat in the corner of the cul de sac,

taking up as much space as the four bedroom,

three and a half bath

room house could take up on that dead

end road.


I remember running in the yard,

after riding bikes and seeing mommy

step out onto the porch,

yelling for us to go to her,

she sounded angry.


I remember standing in front of her,

looking up into her glasses from below,

wondering what had caused her face,

to look so stern and focused,

to be so



I remember the house on Marshall Ave.

how it was a two story house,

the biggest house I had ever seen,

sat on the corner of a large street,

houses on all sides all so grand,

I was instructed not to go around the corner.


To stay on the sidewalk in front

of the house that way mommy and

daddy could keep an eye on me,

as I ran, jumped and played,

I am the runner and the jumper!


I remember the house on Raleigh Rd.

How it was the biggest house I had

ever seen, it had three stories,

a large backyard and a gazebo in the back,

it sat on a hill with a nice long driveway.


I remember the house on Main St.

How it was often called the

yellow house by my siblings and I,

how I had a sleepover there in the fifth grade,

my friends and I occupied one side of the house

as my family stayed on the other.


Many parades went on that street,

before me and I watched from the porch,

occasionally leaving to grab a piece of candy,

wave to the old school cars driven by old

school guys that honked the horn

to make my smile wide.


The larger yard made it easy,

for me to continue to run and jump,

I did not have to stay on that street,

I was free to walk to the library,

to walk to the grocery store,

and to meet my friends on the street behind me.


I remember the house on Deodora Cedar Ln.

A house not too big and not too small,

it was also two stories, had three bedroom

and a nice loft with a nice kitchen,

I would come home from track practice,

run upstairs and take a nice hot shower,

without thinking about the bill.


I am in a house on Mountainwater Dr.

I have been in this house for two years and

nine months, thinking about the water bill,

thinking about the light bill,

thinking about the gas bill,

thinking about the mall yard,

thinking about the three stories,

I must keep clean,

thinking about the rent,

that must be paid every month,

on the first day.


Today I am thinking about an apartment on Pavilion Blvd.

An apartment for college students,

with an all inclusive rent bill,

with a higher amount than my current home,

with higher stress than my current level,

when did paying bills consume me?


It had to have been when I graduated high school.

Moved out on my own, found a home,

while looking for one job after the next,

I haven't found a home in work,

I wish I could work from home,

from home I wish I did not have to work.

Work on getting your grades up,

so you can go to school and get a degree,

the degree of stress I feel toward bills,

is stronger than little me of three,

little me of five, little me of seven,

little me of ten is no longer,

now it's grown me of twenty-two,

looking for another job,

so bills won't consume me.

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