Mountain Flowers

Tingly, sensation running through my body

Excitement coursing in my veins

The unknown is everything before me

What has passed sets a foundation for today


I reach out, grasping at the tangle of possibilities

Wild and carefree; a smattering of mountain flowers

Each one is a desire, a dream, a dare

Whispering: “You are the creator of your own life.”


Untangling, I find people:

Women, growing with child and needing prenatal support

Athletes, tired and broken -- seeking answers to regain their spark

Chronic dieters, frustrated with the scale and their willpower

Little do they know that diets never work.


I find places:

West Coast USA, rainy and sunny all at once

Europe, rolling green hills and smoggy city centers

Thailand, dripping coconuts and colorful birds,

A passport to the world is my lantern.


I wrestle the flowers into a bouquet:

Nursing: I long to help people be well

Anti-diet counseling: freedom to live and nourish oneself 

Travel: discovery of cultures unlike my own

Books: a gateway to another world when a place ticket isn’t available

Love: each and every moment dedicated to living with joy 

Giving to others with abundance. 



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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