Motivation For Being Heard


To have an impact on people,

And give them open hearts;

To let people know that there is someone else in the world who thinks just like they do,

And to make my presence known to those who don't.

To voice my opinions,

And make my mother proud;

To state my case and let others know where I stand,

And make sure that they hear me, clear and loud.

To express myself,

And to take advantage of the freedom of speech,

To give myself perspective,

And hope to God that there are people with open minds out there that will agree with me.

To show everyone who doubted me that I CAN think for myself,

And to prove to them that the fact that they thought that I couldn't do it anyway was absurd;

To broaden others' horizons, to keep myself sane, and to possibly help to change the world-

That's why I want to be heard.


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