You go open your mouth
but nothing seems to come out.
People look at you all the time
and get jealous and don't even know the account.

You love to live but get put down oftenly
It seems as if people need help
or I do one or the other
Afraid to say much people are so very judgmental
They think down upon you because you are not like them

Never had a experience with him
so you don't know which direction to Go
Have so much potential but never let is show
and every time I see you you always glow

This just must not be your season
been hurt so many times that has without reason
It seems like the evil ones are always running over
and past you and everything in there life is perfect

But I'm here to tell you that lifestyle is just not worth it
What is a man to gain the world but too lose his soul?
Well that is a very good question
We all have aches and pains but
that don't mean turn to no blunt man.
I been there before all apart of my past
Just stop by to tell you God made you first
 when you thought you were last



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