Mother of Mine

You decided to be a mama, you carried a sweet little baby in your tummy

You decided to love that child 


I'm still that baby, mama, you wanted me. you wanted me.

I got your face, I got your voice,

I am not you

I got a few more scars from the battles you either

Didn't know about or didn't help me fight

I'm still me, I'm still me, mama

please love me again, or love me more.

I'm not you mama, but please love me.

You raised me to be kind, you raised me to be strong

So how come I cower at your voice?

How come I cant be weak with you mama?

You decided to be a mama, you decided to care.

I need you, I need you, mama. 

You're supposed to be my shield, how come you're shooting the arrows?

I'm tired, I'm tired of fighting you mama.

You were supposed to help me fight mama, until

One day you told me you were tired of taking care of me

You decided to be a mama,

I'm still that baby, mama,

Please love me again mama. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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