mother mary anne landa


i believe in our existance we travel 2 very long roads....1 road is the life you live and the life you lead....these roads are like fragile tape reals on your lifes film ..a film filled with all the most important parts of your life all the things u are mind body and soul....the 2nd road is your selfless search to find the understanding for who you were and what you are ...who they really were and how they really felt....and then you find it...the key...the key to the door...the key to the door to the home youve longed for since u left it long ago...the key to love....only to be washed clean in the light all over again...some of us are lucky enough to create an imprint of lifetimes of happiness and love...for mary anne landa she was of the few...a lucky one....when the light washes you clean again you may forget how wonderful you were as this woman...but we never loving memory


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