Mother Island


In the endless masses.

Others go

through the

process quickly.

But the people
with pigmented skin and
Slanted eyes must
Days and weeks on that cold Island
with small space—space smaller than back
in a land they once knew. Many mouths
and many cries
and many more faces with
eyes full of weariness and
lips lacking smiles.

Angel takes in many homeless children
and some never leave. But those
lucky ones go with freedom into the
world Angel found them in.


They wait still until one small group, two men,
step forward in the ethnic masses. Questions,
endless questions are asked again…again…again.
They never stop. The 197th is asked, answered,
and the torture is done.

A boy is saved from deportment (thank you my
father who is my brother).
Angel must now say goodbye to her young child.
New experiences for the boy.
Never before felt space. Freedom. A chance at life.
Coming into Angel’s home in one door and
leaving through another is the bliss of becoming


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