Mother India

It was 73 years ago a nation called India was born
After liberated from the bondage of a colonial power
An empire so mighty even the sun dared not to set
Some chosen men and women of honour fought against all odds
Sacrificing their present to craft a shining future for billions
Alas! We failed to preserve the precious legacy of those great people
Subtly, surely but systematically lost the ethos of freedom
That was so intrinsic and integral to those who fought for it
Haven't we become slaves of castism, communalism, and regionalism
"Our India" the unifier tagline has now become "My India" vs. "Their India"
We, the 134 crore people of this great land of Budhha, Rama and Mahavira
Owe it to the grand old lady known as "Mother India"
She wants freedom from the yokes of parochialism, polarism, and hatred
Let us begin a new struggle for freedom for the next generations
It's time for redemption, introspection and course correction
And only then I would say Happy Independence Day to you

This poem is about: 
My country


Annette M Velasquez

Beautifully written! This poem encompasses history, society and culture... its message is one of freedom and maintaining integrity. You have crafted it with carefully chosen words and a blend of the informational and emotional.

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