Mother Gaia and I

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 23:54 -- Frezien


United States
35° 6' 38.0016" N, 80° 42' 37.2708" W

My heart feels like a dark forest covered by blue rain
as the raging womb of mother nature herself represents the great pain deep inside.
The blue sky filled with tears of all our lives as our mother keeps them forever in her possession,
but the rage full tides of bottled emotions crashes onto the land with the intent to release the
sighing winds of oppression.
My mind becomes clouded as raging winds dull my senses.
No longer aware, No longer can care.
The hurricane called Misery has swept me away.
Forever lost now is what I feel
Forever unstable is the one thing that doesn't make me real.
The very earth slips and evades before I take a step
Never have I found stable ground yet.
Deprived of warmth and heart turned cold.
Freezing inside, searching for the Flame and yet I knew if I so as grasp the fire.
My soul would burn into nothing from its uncontrollable desires.
The day will come nigh when I find my resolve
of all this pain that mother's earthly elements enthrall.
As mother caresses me with hands of bliss,
I know I will not be delivered from this.

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That was a very intriguing poem. Loved the wordplay!

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