The one to nurture and give love

The one to hold you when times are tough

The one who's supposed to be there no matter what 


But where were you? 


You left me in the dark 

But yet I still hold so much love in my heart 




How could you give me up 

And slowly break 

what you spent 9months To make 

I didn't ask to be born 

That you did on your own 

I didnt ask to get beat 

That you stood and watched not so far from me 

I didn't ask for the life that was given 

But I made due with the cracks &scratches

that are supposed to be forbidden 




You've let me down so many times 

I cant keep count of how hard I tried to keep from taking my life 

You made me feel odd and out of place 

But you never new the pain that you were causing in my brain




You've left me already once before 

So if you leave now it won't hurt anymore 

I've faced my demons every time I looked you in the face 

As I portrayed a fake smile in replace 

The love I have for you still remains 

But I'm done trying to keep up with your pace.....

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