The beauty she sees when her mother laughs is unlike anything she has ever experienced. It fills up the room with so much joy and appreciation that she cannot possibly describe through words. When she cries at night about a boy who pays no attention to her, the embrace of her mother warms her heart. She thinks, this is what beauty is, this is who I want to become. A storm approaches; a storm so big and vast that she doesnt even see it coming. The storm of society consumes her. Raining down on her for wearing what she feels comfortable in. Lighting her up with comments and assumptions made by those she does not know. The clouds of drama and loneliness seep in. She feels trapped and distorted. She cries from within now, not showing emotion to the world, because that would mena she is weak. Her mother always said she so strong, now she has to prove it. The storm demminishes, not going away entirely, but the presence of the storm still looms ahead. She sees the horizon, the beauty within the sun, within the laughter; she remembers. The beauty never left her, the storm made her as though she was alone. She was never alone and will never be alone, so long as the laughter is around. 

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My family
Our world
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