Most tender spot

Most tender spot

by Sandrajohnsonj on May 31, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved

Wish you was going to be with me tonight baby wish. I could make love to you tonight. Have your breast rubbing against mine and in my mouth.
I'll start bey whispering how much I love you baby, have to have you in your ear.Then kiss your lips and neck then keep moving lower and lower.Kissing every inch of your body 👅 till i reach
Your most tenders spot.
Then i kiss ever so gently with my lips so wet. Then suck an lick you and make you all wet.
I need you i crave to taste you and make you cum like never before. Then always leave you begging for more.
Stop take a little kiss break, making you shiver and quiver and leave you longing for more. I'll start all over from your head to your most tenders spot again.
Taking you to places and feelings you swore you've never been.
For i crave you i need to taste your lips on mine. I long to have you I'm so happy that you're mine.
I want to taste all of you. And leave you hipnotize. Then come back up to make love with you by locking our eyes.
While holding your hands in mine.
I long to leave you longing for the feeling i make you feel. So utterly unreal.
Just imagine after you get the first taste of my love. How great it would be to feel this way for all eternity.
I'm so ready to make you feel like you have never ever felt before. And for the rest of our life you have me. And i promise to always make you feel. Like each and every time is 1000 time better than it was before.
  By Sandra k Johnson May,27,2021

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