The Most Revolting Face of Opulence

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 21:28 -- Rede

I am the most revolting face of opulenceThe enemy of humanity and self-controlThe manifestation of greed and wantThe martyr looks upon me with spiteGod's people dream of my deathLower than the most revulting parasite Drowned in a pool of his own feces Is he who knows that what he is doing is a crime to justnessBut sees no consequences from itNoHe sees relief He feels contentHe triumphs while the just plummet to the bottomI am he who sucks dry his spoils Thinking naught of the altruism for which others strive With all their might To selflessly giveNoI take moreAnd make it that much harder for mercy to prevail All for my ownPuny SelfishSelf-satisfied whimsThe worst of the BouegeoisieIgnorant and over-indulgentThe worst of the criminals that have too muchBut demand moreThe worst of those that look upon others' needThen guiltily retire to their own personal hoards of excessI am the most revolting face of opulenceFor I know itEnjoy itAnd I refuse change


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