The Most Dangerous Addiction in the World


In this world we live in, we face many stages of adversity.

Some go through grief, others suffer from poverty;

But within our lifetime, we all fall under the trial of addiction...

At least only once, if not more than that.


There are many different types of addictions that people can succumb to,

Be it drugs, alcohol, gambling, pleasure...

However, the question that rises from all of this is

What is the most dangerous addiction of all of these?


A woman who smokes would probably say "drugs",

Since she feels that she can't go a day without a cigarette.

Greedy individuals will claim their addiction to be "money"

Or even, if their greed lies with other people, they'll answer with "sex".


But if you ask me, I'd say that all of those answers are wrong...

There's something on this world far stronger than any of those things;

A desired object so overwhelming, that people have literally died trying to obtain it.

No, none of these can compare to the addiction called "love".


Love isn't just a feeling of happiness, intimacy & passion...

It is an infectious virus that can consume you,

Taking over your entire being until you're completely pulled under;

To be addicted to love is to surrender yourself to it body, mind & soul.


The essence of love is potent enough on its own;

Able to make great kingdoms & leaders falter to ruins just to possess it.

But this addiction becomes even more fatal

When two people find themsevles under its sway with each other.


To be in love with another is to basically seal your own death,

For this addiction can lead you to it slowly & painfully.

The one you love can become your best friend & your worst enemy;

They become your cure & your poison.


That one person can become your entire world.

Their scent giving you the ultimate high that overpowers any drug;

Any sedative, hallucinogen, stimulant or depressant

Will pale in comparrison.


And how would I know this, you might ask?

Because I too have fallen victim to this disease...

I have found that one person who has taken me

And made me fall victim to their spell.


To be without him, or to even think about it causes twinges of pain;

Ones that aren't just mental & emotional, but physical as well.

Pains that, in my opinion, are worse than childbirth, or getting shot in the knee...

Or being kicked in the stomach repeatedly, or even shattering every bone & muscle in your body.


The feelings I get when I'm with him, however, fills me with the best sensations one can ever feel.

It's nostalgia & peace of mind, like when you stargaze in the country on a full moon

Or sitting by a campire drinking hot chocolate on a cold winter's night,

Seeing fireworks as a kid, or even getting the Christmas gift you've always wanted...


In the addiction we share for each other, it's a never-ending cycle...

When we're together, we give each other the ultimate high

But when separated, withdrawal settles in

Leading us to crash & crave each other more.


Love is an inevitable, deadly illness;

Once the feeling takes over you, it's almost impossible to break away.

The virus spreads & grows even stronger when you love someone & they love you back...

Filling our bodies with an ailment that can only be cured by the person who we admire the most.









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