The Morrigan, Omen of Death and Fitspo Influencer

I wasn't vain before, It wasn't my beauty that brought fear and hope.

Not my lips or eyes that captured the hearts of men, but the beat of my wings.

My onyx feathers would need only to appear for a moment in the corner of their eye.

They knew. Knew a death was coming,

I never spoke it aloud, never needed to say. The beat of my wings was enough.

Sometimes I'd appear older and offer to wash their armor in the river.

Offering them the truth that this battle would be their last,

I let them cling to their lives until I could protect them no longer and I'd take them away

I lost so many, and for years I could do nothing about the pain

I stopped washing their armor but, the nothingness I felt wouldn't escape except in battle

So, I fought I joined every fight, every war

Many times I snuck on the battle field, to join the fighting at its thickest

On the field as the injured were carted and carried away, I stayed

I'd stay and wait and watch until the morning and I'd call my crows to take the dead

I spent a few centuries like this, most I cannot remember

Their faces though, I do remember every face

I think about them every morning,

When I wake up and take my happy pill

Right before I swallow it I think of them

I spent so many years with only the dead as company,

For too long I couldn't imagine what it's like to be with the living

Over time though it changed, slowly I began

I exchanged a few words with my barista

Then I chatted about the weather with a stranger

I even learned how to use the internet

I started filming videos and sharing them

Started putting myself out there online

I begane to do my work outs in front of my camera

Showing the world that I'm still here

I do giant lifts and I move big weights around

I'll do a thousand pushups and pull ups until my camera battery failed

That was the easy stuff, talking was hard at first

My first videos are silent and even when I started to make intros

I didn't know what to say

I broke down the first time I spoke to the camera

Now every other video is a vlog, I never leave without my camera in hand

Now I'm on screens everywhere, as me

No longer a bad omen, or a sign of death

Just as a woman

They don't know it's me, why would they

who is ever heard of The Morrigan?


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