A Morning Song

I think I will get out of bed today

I will

I think I will go to work today          

I will

I think I should get a raise today

I won’t


I think I won’t

I will make fate the passenger today

Not today

But if not me, who will?

Surely a man with an iron will.

That man could be me, but not today.


Why should I get out of bed today?

I won’t

I lack the will

Fate drives again today

My fate is mediocrity, give in to it I will

It wins today


Mediocrity is my fate today

Mediocrity is my fear today

But this is not above my will

Indulge fear today, I wont

I should take back my life today

I will


I will

I will take back my life today

I will rise above mediocrity today

I will conquer my world today

I will

Rise above mediocrity, I will


Get the raise today, I will

Make my life important, I will

Give in to mediocrity? I won’t


Not even the sky is the limit today

I’m surpassing the stars today.


I Will

I Will

But today I won’t.


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