The devil's in her smile and a angel is in her eyes. You'll never see this pretty girl cry. Her heart's an icy shallow grave on the darkest December day. Don't think just because you're with her that what you feel is real. She's a master of illusions, the sweetest most addictive poison runs through her veins. You can taste it on her lips. More addictive then any form of cocaine. You feel a power flow through her as you wade betwixt her hips. You're falling deeper and deeper while she takes you in. Finally it dawns apon you she's no more then a hollow shell unaware that she takes in air. Windows to her soul wide open but shut tight under lock key. Numbing herself with a unhealthy dose of vitamin D and nicotine. So sure that she will never be free of this purgatory state, aimlessly drifting through space. No time. No sound. No touch . No sight. Barely a breathe traveling to a place where no one willing goes. Only a shadow of the girl she once was. Lost to the world. Still you'll never see this pretty girl cry.


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