More Than You Know

Snow fell gently, gently, gently

As grey filled the sky and white blinded his eyes

He crouched, always hungry, always prowling. 

The "sneaky" wolf climbed from his burrow and took an ever so gentle peak

Visions of summer and the sticky sweet fruit clashed with the endless expanse of delicate cotton 

He dreamt of an easier catch, an easier prey, and easier targets

However, night would come and easier only trembled the belly

Rose ruby red, burst the revererie of the hungry hound

He smelled her first, He saw her second

Bud blooming, the red cape stood alone in the world of white

However, the cape was the least of concern

Cookies, Brownies, and other goods filled his nose

He wanted them, he needed them, he had to have them

He had to think quick quick quick 

Preening, he grinned, he knew what to do 

"My dear, what might you be doing here?"

The smell was stronger, intoxicating

"Delivering goodies for my grandmother..."

The old hag, an easy target, 

He watched the girl leave plastered with a sickly grin

Scurrying, Scurrrying, Scurrying he rushed ahead

White on white, the silver-haired streak flashed by

Granny's appeared in the distance, a beam of light and warmth from the colorless day

He knocked, knocked, knocked

Smiling, he watched the granny approach the door

He swooped in and with a flick of his tail, 

He gobbled, gobbled, gobbled, her up

And as he sat, his plan started to seem a lot easier, simply wicked

However, he felt, deep in his belly, a knot

Gnarled and twisted, like an old oak, 

Frowning, as he heard the knocking of the young child, he knew

Something, Something, Something was wrong

Quietly, he opened the door,

To his sure demise. 





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