More than an Image


No Filter.

More than just a recognizable hashtag on social media.

Use this to prove a point?

What is there to prove?

That my skin is darker than the filter that I've used before...

Or I can get more likes on this particular photo.

I am more than just an image.

I am knowledge.

Not just the words on a page in a book...

But the meaning behind those words.

I am Beautiful.

Not just the girl in the photo...

But the girl inside.

Oscar Wilde once said,

"Most people are other people.

Their thoughts are someone else's opinion.

Their life's a mimicry.

Their passion's a quotation."

I am myself.

My thoughts are my opinions.

My life is my life.

My passions are my values.

I have no filter.

I am more than an image.





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