More Than Courage

I remember how I loved sad poems, but I eventually became one.

A little girl lost in her own mind.

Running against the wind and always left behind.

Humanity pierces me like a bullet in the back.

In these moments, I realize that the demons in my head and the lonliness in my heart are my only friends.

Everyday I feel my happiness slowly drift away.

Slowly, i'm being consumed by ache.

Slowly, depression starts settling in and slowly, I lose my mind again.

I don't think of myself as suicidal.

If I was, I'd be gone by now.

Or... Maybe I'm still here because I'm still being challenged to win the acceptance of society...

Misogyny, Racism, Prejudgement, Violence, and MORE?

All these unfaced issues are the reasons why I latch onto the curtains that shield my vulnerability.

And until these issues are successfully addressed, I will remain this way.

The being that hides behind this curtain is not afraid of what people think, but is afraid of what they would do.

The way they'd blindly chew me up and spit me out as if I were an easy prey sends chills up my spine.

But a question needs to be answered.

Who am I exactly?

I am the fire that burns behind this curtain.

I am loyalty.

I am respect.

I am the person that I'll never regret.

I am passion.

I am devotion and I show real emotions.

In my heart, there's acceptance, talent, and freedom.

And if i'm given that, I'll take it and run because there's nothing more that I want.

So what gives me the need to hide?

That's for you to find out on your own because it's gonna take more than courage for me to tear this veil and feel myself fall apart as your gaze burns through me.


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