moral lesson

Tue, 06/17/2014 - 22:23 -- erzsisl


is a moral lesson


(you would do well to listen)


what does that mean?

none of us have

the slightest clue.


(look it up) (I don’t want to) (I’m not an encyclopedia)


you’re learning something

from this.

it’s building you like cellulose

builds plants


(good or bad?) (why does it matter?) (it’s all the same in the end)


you are more than your cells

you’re more than words that are

recorded in the essays you did during lunch

before class.

you are part of this story too

until it’s no longer interesting and is

thrown away


(why stories?) (because morals are in pages, not hearts) (nothing is in your heart but cells)


this is a society that

gives your parents a fertilizer of

ethics and rights

to pour on the embryo of yourself


(if they can afford it) (you know the economy,) (always changing)


this is a moral lesson.

remember it,

when it is gone


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