Moon and Sun Will Wither


Once glistening upon the earth shone a sun with beams that had no limitations. Defining the reason we have such land to live on, we've neglected to protect the products of it. Looking to it for infinite light, forgetting that it too will burn out some day.


the land is angry

wind howls with abhorrence

i will hide away


Dormant as if covered by a blanket of soft snow, withering away in this atmospheric dysphoria they breathe in- we breathe it simultaneously. Waning with asthmatic tendencies, we conduct the poison that blocks airways. This is the creation that ruins ours.



the flowers no longer grow

they will hide away


I will lay in this grass and take no more than I give. We are all taken into submission by a higher power, yet we still do upon other living things that we abhor ourselves. Disquietude washes over me. I let it rip me apart and lay the remnants out for the plants to see, every tree. I'm consciously aware of how our nature is one of planting fear into everything else that is alive, and unconsciously aware of how we ignore our own.


ignorance is bliss

vivid illuminating

it consumed me whole

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