The Moon


The moon

By Colleen Slane


Maybe the wolf is in love with the moon.

Maybe when he howls at the moon,

He is telling her how captivatingly beautiful she is.

Maybe the wolf only comes out at night,

That’s the only time the moon is out.

The moon is beautiful, not because of the glow

But because of the beautiful silence.

Maybe the wolf cries for a love

He will never come close to touching.


Maybe the moon was in love with the wolf

Maybe the moon lit up the night only for him.

Maybe the moon loves the way the wolf

Pays so much attention to het at night

Maybe The wolf was the only thing that was clear

In the crowded world below her.


Maybe the distance

Is that makes them love each other so deeply

Maybe its what makes them so perfect.

When the sky was filled with nothing the

Wolf taught her how to breath.


Maybe the wolf and the moon were in love with each other.

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