The Monsters' Legacy

Forgotten and beaten is no easy life,

mistreated and defeated is like being stabbed with a knife, 

The ones who swore to protect you forever,

are now the ones who abuse you is quite the endeavor.


Calling out for help is useless to me,

it looks like I can never be free, 

no prayers can whisk me away,

so hidden in darkness is where I'll stay.


What's the meaning of true love, 

seems like something everyone is sick of,

if it exists I have not found it,

so I should just call it a quit.


I'm trapped in a world where I cannot hide,

evil lurking everywhere it will never leave my side,

how could someone disown their own kin,

my birth was considered a regrettable sin.


I do not dare to look him in the eye,

for he is as crazy as the catcher in the rye,

he tore through my emotions with a gun, 

shooting down any hope, until I had none.


They tell me to honor the monster he has become,

but any honor I had for him has turned numb,

he is no longer my hero, and never truly was,

like seriously he deserves no applause.


His anger has risen beyond any reason,

we must go see him once every season,

it may not seem like your typical war,

but for a few unnarmed children it could end in gore.


One by one he picks us off,

just like his bottles without a cough,

his breath was malordous and would invade our senses everytime he screamed,

he'd never stop yelling it only seemed.


Forget preventing verbally scarring,

his voice is nothing but jarring,

one day we'll move on,

cause we were taught to fight back for what we have forgone.






This poem is about: 
My family


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