laying ont the ground, shaking

i'ts a silent, dead kind of shake

we all know that feeling when you're so done and you just cant handle it anymore

when thinking becomes a murderer and slowly kills you

your confidence, your happiness, everything.

And the worst part is you cant control it

no one else understands whats you go through

if you fight your pain, you realize your weak

being strong is sometime all we have.

so we endure it, day to day

hoping it will end soon

aren't you tired of this?

everyone else has is so easy.

why cant you? what's wrong with you?

why do you do this to yourself? why do we do this to ourself?

am i crazy or am i just realizing and understanding the pain that everyone is sufficated by?

It's ironic how the thing we all try protect ourselves from is the same thing that makes us grow

the monster of pian makes a monster out of us


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