Money Speaks Although We Can Not Hear It


Sabrina D. M.


Speak Your Mind Slam

Money Speaks Although We Can Not Hear It

Money rules the world, believe it or not.

No one has ever questioned the reasoning for why a piece of paper contains so much value or for what purpose does money have for existing?

But no one contemplate about that because we need it, and you can't live or go without it.

We desire it so much that one will eat one's heart out for it.

Money tells you and me whether or not we can eat, get an education, or even have roof over our heads to sleep at night.

Money has different values for everyone. 1 dollar can mean the world to me and nothing to the next.

Money is the overlying factor that determines every thought and move that I and many others make.

Without money we are limited to what we can do and how long we can do it for

Money can make or break you.

Money can start you off to a great life or make you fall to your great demise.

So when I'm offered a chance to win some money that can change my life, and potentially my future family, why wouldn't I jump out of my skin to try and retrieve it.

Not many can apprehend the importance of getting money unless they've been without it.

I'm not going to complain about not having it, but instead try my best to attain it.

Even if it means applying for hundreds of scholarship, and waiting day after day to see if I won.

So it starts here, this is why I want that 1,000 dollar scholarship.


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