A new young money runs this town
In new flashy cars latest in town
Owns mansions at every nook and cranny
And all the floozies throw at his feet
People worship all my goldmines
I see them falling over themselves
With the shrewd look they wore
Hovering at the sight of dollar rolls
Thats how rule them all
With language they understand
I look money and smell money
I see the young and old folks
The thugs robbers and kidnappers
Frolicking around me for my money
Nobody plays the good guy here
Money has change the narrative
Back to the time I rot in poverty
Times when my words hurt the ears
Saw all that I was suppose to see
Friends scurrying at my sight
I'd sent all running my girlfriends
When my topic was up for discussion
As the can of worms in town
I began to cultivate on my money farm
Treading both the good and bad grounds
Trying to move to the higher grounds
And transform from rags to riches
Afford everything so far new money goes
New money new rituals
Reputation precedes you
Swimming with the big names
Like last heir to Mansa Musa dynasty
Money subdue savvy taste of hunger
At the cost of cut throat and bloody sacrifices
Its luscious sight sends the hearts racing
Here's a thing with money
We lied for money
We love for money
We kill for money
We die for money
But who can say
He does not need it
Money talk
I'm nothing but a bunch of papers
I'm dirty and also I'm good
You can find me
When you search me
Have me when you want me
Where clear intention
And clean efforts pay off

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Our world


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