Italy was always my true home. 

I imagined what it would be like to walk the streets

And meet the people; my people.

I made it my sanctuary,

Until i met her.


The one who captured me with the depths of her retinas.

The one who speaks as if time was not a barrier.

The one who causes my heart and mind to sync,

As if they were birds gently flocking to find their way home.


She is enticing.

Not by the way her fingerprints run submissively through her hands,

But how she uses them so graciously 

When they lock into mine.


Her hips,

As enchanting as the first time that I saw them.

But I knew this couldn't last,

By the way her boyfriend looked at me.

The way his eyes pierced blades into my shoulders,

Cut slits on my wrists, until one day.

That day.

She called me.


Humming sweet everythings into my ear like she`d done a million times,

But this,

This time was different.

How her voice trembled showed me how she could love.

She made me wonder if her man made her feel the same way,

But even if he did, I`d just say fuck it because in that moment,

She was mine.

Maybe only for an hour, 

But she was mine.







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