Momma Lovebug

Dear Stephanie AKA Momma lovebug,


When I used to walk into room 302 there were various desks everywhere.

There was mckenzies and david's right next to each other on the left side.

The long circular brown desk on your right

Joe of course an organized chaos in the far left side of the room

While natalie’s was. . the exact opposite

Her’s a desk that was organized and practically pristine to a T.


but on the right side, centered in the middle of the wall.

Technically a desk but more like a nook.

With oils, candles, a diffuser and pictures of all her babies that have come and gone in Baldwin.


I would see colors and art that described her plethora of moods and energies.

Her aura could be just about anything

depending on the day she's having or even the time of day you catch her.


She always had a chair next to hers.

Open for one of her love bugs to come and sit, if they need a few minutes to breathe,

vent, or even if it's just to cry and start a spring clean.

She brings the momma bear love and the wiseness of an owl that has seen the 360s of life.


She's still figuring things out in her journey so she won't act as though she has all the answers.


But she will comfort you and when you take her hands

those smooth hands of a true queen, and when you look at her.

You would know that somehow everything was going to work itself out


She will give you just enough energy to get through the day.


Thank you Steph,

For every ounce of positive energy, lifting energy,

and everything else that you have given me over the years


This poem is about: 
My community


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