The Moment of Love

Sat, 06/29/2013 - 15:31 -- nbodero


He stares at me I stare at him. Who is he? Who I am? We are One. Cheek to Cheek. Flesh to Flesh I feel his heat on top of mine. I dare not say the words i fear will ruin this moment. Is it in the eyes? Is it in the kiss? I feel you see my lies, my fears, my hopes and my dreams. I want this feeling to last for a lifetime. His eyes tell me the words im afraid to say. His eyes keep me warm and strong. Will this last forever? Will we be attached? Hold me close. Dont let go. I sense the feeling of losing control. The moment i feared is here, the end. He holds me tighter, takes in my very air i need to breathe. I am at his will, he tells me the three words i need to hear. We have risen to heavens embraced in the clouds love. Each time is like first, the true meaning of marriage.


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