Mom and dad


Mom and dad 

I like boys 

and sometimes I like girls 

Mom and dad

I don't believe in a god

I believe in many gods

Mom and dad 

I want to go to college 

I want to get away from here 

Mom and dad 

I started cutting myself 

when the church told me I needed to stop liking girls 

Mom and dad 

I started cutting myself 

when you started to dislike me 

Mom and dad 

I know you love me

I know love isn't enough sometimes

Mom and dad 

I have anxiety 

because I can't live up to your expectations 

Mom and dad 

I tried to kill myself 

after you told me I was worthless

Mom and dad 

I have an eating disorder 

because worthless girls like me don't deserve to eat

Mom and dad 

I don't sleep anymore

because I'm too busy worrying I disappoint you 

Mom and dad 

I'm saying goodbye 

I'm not sure I'll be here much longer

Mom and dad

I am addicted to opiates

because it makes living here easier

Mom and dad 

I rode in an ambulance while you were out

I tried to kill myself again

,Mom and dad

I love you 

but I don't love god

Mom and dad 

please don't cry for me 

like you don't already know

Mom and dad 

according to you 

you know where I will I go

Mom and dad

I'll miss you 

I just wish you'd miss me too

Mom and dad

I am hurting myself 

for hurting you 

Mr. and Mrs. Martinez

we did all we could 

but your very lovely daughter

is faded for good

She tried to yell out 

She wanted you to see her 

For all that  she was 

All the good she could have done

I certainly wish you the best 

Out like a light

Behind a metal door

The longest time of night

Mom and dad cry 

Praying for help

But hope had been strangled 

at the hands of the Bible Belt

But I am alive 

And I am well 

I like girls

I like boys

I will go to college

I am sober

I will believe in what I believe 

I will not let my parents define my life for me

If you can hear 

Please listen close 

I am no longer a number

Getting colder with every second

I am a brain a mind a heart a soul a pair of brilliant brown eyes

I will no longer live behind the lines

Mom and dad 

I love you 

but I'm not like you

I never will be 

anything but me


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