A Modern Day Goddess

Swipe left, Swipe right. 

Update her Instagram Bio, Like a few images, and post a picture.

Her loyal subjects swarm her page leaving gifts a plently in the form of digital admiration. 

She truly feels beautiful and well respected. A comment there, a like here. 

Her one true God, the Algoithm smiles upon her page. She's always feautred and is the example of the modern day image of lust, wealth and true beauty. 

Aphrodite herself seems to envy her.

A modern-day Demi-God. 

But when she puts down the phone, and looks around at her life. she doesn't feel so powerful.

Her rent is still due, Her relationship is still in shambles and her only reassurance comes from online. 

She doesn't see what the world does. Because her celestial image is only that. 




This poem is about: 
Our world



I was inspired by instagram models and how their lives of grandeur seem to be the myth themselves. 

There isn't nothing wrong with the instagram modle lifestyle per say. I just think it can be very superficial. 


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