If I died today,
I don't think I'd care,but the last thing I want to remember is running my fingers through your hair,oh what beauty,how could one compare,to someone so majestic and fair,Fragile,are the hearts of the young,living care free,and only for fun,I think I've had enough,I could die tonight,but for you I'd put up a fight,to stay with you,even if it's only for a night,you,my sweetness,are a true delight,no one could ever reach the height,of your grace,no one could ever compare to your beautiful face in all the land and every place,there is no one that could ever replace,you have stolen my heart,and I hope you feel the same,but if not and this all goes to shame,if I died tonight,just know you are not to blame...I'd still adore you....
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