Mitch I'm Flawless!


Mitch I'm flawless!
I knew this
Yet I walked around the hallways with the ficticious concept
That I was way worse than everyone else
Mitch I'm flawless!
Why was it ficticious?
Because I imagined the worst in people
As well as in myself
When really, we're all the same 
Wanting and waiting by refraining and constraining from INsanity
Mitch I'm flawless!
We are all the same yet completely different
We have ways to chase our dreams
And dreams to chase the things
That will make us flawless
Mitch I'm flawless!
But you know that
I have learned that I am the only one
Who's opinion of myself matters 
And it is only a matter of time
Before others realize that for themselves
Mitch I'm flawless!
And you should be, too!
You flawless beast :)

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