Misunderstood Friend

Death my dearest compassionate misunderstood friend
When all hope is passed
You stand 
Your realm is the bridge of no return
Dearest one
You greet all who you visit
Never judging their circumstance no matter how grave
Gently you give your time
Eyes hollow, soulful grin
So many have passed your way, endless generations 
Past all despair, you are the homeward guide
A wandering shadow, unnoticed and ignored
Patient to the extreme, faithful to your task
Death watches fools, and the ignorant 
Waiting to relinquish the last tether
Sometimes you stand alone, death can be very lonely
Death, what hides under your mask?
Do you spare a thought?
How do you have the strength to see such suffering?
Forbearing the efforts of others until their last breath 
As you kindly assist, the release into the next realm
Those who pass by willing or not
Someday, Death, we will meet
Will we embrace?
Will I be just another face fleeing across that great divide?
What shall I say to one so brave, so silent, and so compassionate....
You are the last finality of this passing realm 
And so you hold the keys


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