your misunderstood 

not heard 

walked on

you've turned your pain off 

along with any emotion resulting in no trust and no love.

you don’t listen when I say I love you don’t pay attention when I worry 

I’m just a name on a phone screen late at night while your in bed with a new face and a new body 

i’m just a message on a dim screen in the daylight making sure you made it on time to your 8am class

i’m just a text.

i’m nothing more. 

you don’t care you never did but why should I be any different then your 

other faces and bodies 

you just want something warm to lay beside you at night 

and wont cry the next day cause you didn't call 

you need someone who can walk away 

but you see I cant cause I've tried and I always walk right back. 

but unlike others I’m never the warm body that lays beside you cause I refuse to be someone 

who will eventually be thrown away just like the rest of the faces before

your not a man for one woman 

your a man for many women 

I cant help but wonder if I could be the person you could change for but 

you wont even say those 3 words to me but 

I love you isn't hard for me to say to you.

your not misunderstood your shut off to me and world 

so I gave up…. 

but that doesn't do me any good.

a part of me drifted away with you when those words came out of my mouth

So I know your busy and i know your with a new face and new body 

but I just wanted to send you this text, just wanted to light your phone screen up one last time, 

and tell you I’m along for the ride cause I love you enough to make you happier then me 

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