Mistress Hades


A sweet sonnet of honey liquor lay drenched in her own dew,

Black strands of streams from her origin of scalp fold over the still lifeless grey face,

Red fire danced the only colour left in the eulogy of the epiphany,

singing of angelic blood befallen by the Devil's blade,

Her dress seemed to be stitched with death himself,

giving the sweet smooth texture of letting go,

or sliding on silk curtains with the abrupt defibrillator jolt of 30,000 volt lace lining the frays,

A dark mistress of the stars now beheld herself in true beauty,

poking white light out of dark matter,

The only difference,

her blood ran ominously blacker and raped the mind leaving sanity disturbed and spilled,

spilled into a straightjacket and padded-room-sentenced by a jury,

"Not guilty on account for suicide on reasoning of innocent insanity."


In the grief it all confessed a darkened world died away,

leaving the angelic consort of Death and her earthly bestowal alone,

in the silence of the blade-twisting wound left by the ironic tragedy,

incorporated into a life not needing of Death,


Hands fell quietly on her,

retracing every dimmed memory,

describing to the blind every feature of the abhorred reality,

"Go away, and leave me in peace", not a whisper in return,


She slowly fell away from the mourning sunset and an overcast fell over the night,

a dark blanket covering the wondrous beauty of the star in her lover's arms,

Black clouds hailed the drenching downfall of bloody tears,

echoing on every sharp pointed surface,

howling like wolves into the bosom tearing the heart to shredded paper,

by throwing knives, poisoned with despair


He collared his coat wore up to keep it out,

but as he turned to look at the special place his star holds in his heart,

a cold drool oozing from Severus pooled down his neck,

the ferry man kept rowing, down the streets of fallen Venice

The gates opened to Hades,


His sweet princess of Styx trailed along with them in the ghoulish waters of death,

Passionate roses, dried and dead, it seems, bears the mistress of Thanatos on their stems


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