Mississippi Girl


Sweet beautiful intelligent divine being

Created by 2 hearts with lost souls

Combined in one body

Care was taken to take and place your heart into it

A soul born by society

Raised in hellish half-ways or half of a home

Not knowing where your history began

The future pathways you would take were set clear

By others of lighter color

But you chose different

You walked right with your two left feet

On shards of glass you tiptoed

In muddy waters you swam

Like your ancestors in the 1800's before slavery was slammed

You sped through stop signs

And race riots and sit-ins

Speeding pass 100

And jumped into the public pool

That was once a colored pool

Screamed at the top of your lungs in the school library on Malcolm's birthday

While ripping up history books

Cause what the white man took

Can not be sealed in a book

Of chapters 13 and 14

Or in an annual parade

Cause what's in your heart wasn't made to be celebrated in just February


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