Missing You


I remember your hair, big and black and wonderful.

I remember your big brown eyes that looked at me so honestly.

I remember hugging you and breathing in your special wonderful smell,

And how I couldn’t imagine a time when I couldn’t be there with you.

I remember the times that you were scared and I was there for you,

And all the times when I was down and you were always there for me.

I remember when we made work into fun,

And how scared you were the first time you saw the ocean.

I remember how cows were terrifying, but they aren’t anymore.

I remember when I fell off and was scared for a while,

But when I got up my courage and got back on you were amazing and special

And you belonged to me and I belonged to you.

I remember all the rides we had together, all the falls, all the great times, everything.

And now what I remember most of all is how much I miss

My pony. 


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