Missing the Team

Tue, 09/16/2014 - 19:25 -- aslade

I'll always remember the team I was on,

they helped me become me, they helped me a ton.


I had asthma, hell, I still do,

it doesn't mean I sucked; I made it well through.


When asked what I remember best,

it takes me never more than one guess.


My favorite time was when I helped win that award,

I can still hear coach's voice, "Come on, pass him up, just one more."


I'll always be there, in that memory,

but it's time I move on, I've got more life to see. 


Thanks  coach, you helped me fight through,

this goes out to both of you.


And thanks to my team members, I'll never forget you,

all three years you helped me fight my way through.


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