missing that special someone


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I met you for two hours
 at a pool on River island.
 between two lawn chairs we laid 
 we laughed, joked and read.
A conversation I will never forget
after a long dip in the pool
and a trip to the hot tub 
I was convinced of a summer romance.
Before I daydreamed of the future
you told me a bitter end with a fruitful glance.
you were leaving in a day.
it's fine I began to say.
I was pulled away from you at a moments notice and had to run off like Cinderella  instead of a left heel it was an exchange of numbers and a hug goodbye.
we texted back and forth and things went on.
until now, I miss you so much like a part of my body was taken away.
I feel the true feeling of missing someone,
almost like you took my heart when we said goodbye.
I hate to sound so cliche but the truth is the same. 
A connection was made in ways I have never felt before
and as I go to bed at night,
I wish and pray for more.
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