Missing Lacy

I rap lazy

I miss Lacy

Stay with me

Leavin me for a jew, shit's kinda shady

Don’t text sayin’ you miss me

Your silence was louder than any noise you could make

Shit not letting me sleep, leaving me in bed and awake

Leavin’ me wantin’ to go back in time

Back to middle school when the feelings were mutual

Back when I shoulda made you mine

But now you straight playin’ games

Playing with my heart like that shits a guitar

I let you cuz it’s worth the pains

You’re making boys outta czars

Bitch, did you not see we were the perfect pair

I guess you can’t see well with a load in your eyes

I can’t blame you, he’s got that size

I can’t disguise these feelings, I’ve got to get over it

I’ve got to get over it...


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