That missing hun

I've pedaled to the end of every road

Just to search for your hand to hold

I've caught every shard of hope,

Just with your thoughts to elope.

I've looked at the rays of the sinking sun,

Just to get another day to find you hun.

I've counted all the stars that fill the sky,

Just to feel time without you crawl by.

I've looked at every droplet of water with fear

Thinking that today, maybe today, I'll find in them, your tear.

I've run around the meadow of sadness for miles and miles

Just wishing to see your beautiful smile.

I've written for you in verses and paras,

Just to find my memories wandering in Sierras.

I've pretended to hate you when I used to speak each time,

Just to love you for the times I went mime.

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