Missing Childhood


He loved alcohol

more than your love

Like ever guy ,he said

those words that made you cave in

Guess he thought it was enough

To make it work

To fall in love


But now here's the turn of event

NIne months later

There's a baby

And another lady

You see it was so fast

You seem it was so dumb

Now your living in regret

Wishing everything was like when you were friends,

Now he's walking out the door

Leaving you with a two-year-old

Damn how's it going to be

You with a baby at seventeen

Time to start over again

And you lay there with a broken heart

All this is tearing you apart


Years later your still running away from the pain

Coming home after dark

Smoking weed, puffing it up and doing other drugs,

Your used to coming home seeing

All the hidden pain

You keep denying

But keep on trying

Yet your lying to yourself

Pitying and saying ' I'm by myself'

And your praying to God

To never fall in love

But at the same time you don't believe in

The man up above


Your daughter has grown

Shes the beauty to the guys

The apple to the eye

She's everything you wanted to be

Shes got the A's and B's to succeed

And for that you have jealousy

She loves you

You hate her

You hitting her

 Letting your boyfriend play her

But she still loves you and forgives you

But this sweet getsure disgusts you

To you she's so different

Now the cycle has started again

and to this there is usually no good end

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