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I’ve seen people get knocked down and do nothing but stay down
I’ve seen that kid on the basketball team just stand there staring at the ball missing the rebound
I’ve seen that boy who has no friends and always feels neglected
I’ve seen the dork who tries to keep his cool after constantly being disrespected
I’ve seen the popular girl do things she doesn’t want to do just to fit in
It’s all got me thinking why these people keep their true identities hidden
There ain’t no jury but identity theft made you your own culprit
And now that you got yourself into this position it’s just something you gotta cope with
‘Cause in this world you either make it or break it, you give it or take it, you become it or fake it,
Cause most of the time it’s not what we say but how we portray it
But overall whatever you do only you can control
You either see the glass half empty or you see it half full
So basically the question here is what are you going to do?
Are you gonna be Karrine Stephens today and Snookie tomorrow or are you gonna be you?
Cause face it, this ain’t no Halloween Party, you ain’t at a Masquerade
Yeah, that’s a nice color for a mask, but it ain’t your shade
There’s too much fantasy in this world you need to try and stay awake
Before you get too caught up in it all and can’t tell what’s real from what’s fake


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