Misplaced Optimism

thoughts are racing

chasing the ideas of splendor away

not because it's undesired

but because it won't remain

it won't stay contained

exposed like a pose of darkness

a silhouette in the distance

it walks forward hugging the corners

making the shadows it's tool

it's weapon

bottled up in my mind trying to escape

trying to sneak through the filter

the filter that's never affected by you

always spitting words out and thoughts

ideas that are best left in the mind

discarded or lost in time

immediately planning every detail from a simple phrase

a question or statement

setting of the chain of chronological despairment

seconds of time being used to detail an eternity of others

and each outcome of every action assigned

there is no struggle

there is only resignation


trapping it in for as long as possible

trapping it before it gets out

before it becomes doubt

before it becomes disappointment

before it shows a glimpse of your fantasies

an appearance of your weaknesses

your Achilles heel of psychology

shattering an otherwise peaceful evening

music plays but the thoughts don't stray

even with typing and background noise

it tries to push

tries to become a voice

a declaration of a truly mad man

causing only silence

only judgment and pity

causing pain in only the insane

the mad man and his heart

this misplaced optimism causes only strain

better to keep them and the ex apart


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