Mismatched eyes and scared hearts

mismatched eyes

and a heart as scared as your face

these halls filled with music

have become your prison


the only light the world has shown you

burned and sourced your soul

and yet you still yearned for light

begged to see it once again


in your heart

you longed to see the world

beyond the cellars

that you were forced to accept as your home


not many have lived the same life as you

no, but many know the pain

to be shunned from world


because they saw beauty in a place no one else could

because of their passions

because they didn’t fit the mold

because we are different


but good news

art has never been made by everyone painted the same thing

ideas have never been thought until someone thought outside the box


people who don’t fit the mold

people with mismatched eyes

people with scarred hearts

they are the people who change the world


This poem is about: 
Our world


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