A dusty mirror catches my attention
Instinctively I search for my reflection
As I look past the grime to meet my twin
She stares back with a maniac's grin

She reaches out towards me
Wild challenge in her eyes
I can understand and see:
She is the sum of my lies

Mirrors shining
Mirrors shattered
Mirrors laughing
Bruised and battered

The doppleganger that hides in my shadow
Who steal my appearance and gloats in the mirror
Smirks at me and makes an offer
Insisting she could be me better

She says that there is more to her
Than there ever was to me
That there's less substance in who I really am
Than in the lies of what I try to be

Mirrors showing
Mirrors knowing
Mirrors judging 
Where we're going

My reflection is a clone of my outermost shell
Though it's mostly a lie
Worn in favor of an image to sell
All so that the real me can hide

The girl in the mirror wins me over
With a charming smile I never perfected
So even though her eyes are colder
I'll just pretend I'm not affected 

Mirrors seeing
Mirrors being
Mirrors winning
Sense of self is fading

The sum of all the lies in me
Is all the world will ever see 
'Til courage comes to wake me up
And I'm strong enough to simply be

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